At our Farm in Cape Coral, FL

You will find Aquaponics producing Vegetables and Herbs, Microgreens, Pastured Poultry producing Hand-harvested Eggs, and the Apiary with our bees producing raw, local, tropical Honey that we use to produce artisnal hand-batched products. 

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On-Farm Workshops & Events

On our Farm, you can learn the ABCs of Homesteading with plenty of On-Farm Hands-On Workshops or focus on a specific passion - Aquaponics & Hydroponics, Beekeeping, Permaculture, and Livestock Care on a Homesteading Scale!

Family-friendly Discovery Tours coming soon!

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Everything from Florida edible gardening to permaculture food forests to beekeeping to aquaponics & hydroponics to pastured poultry & pastured pork to black soldier flies & composting worms and lots more. How to use and prepare the items you grow as well as other handmade, hand harvested and homegrown goods. There's something for you no matter where you live or are in your life's journey

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Live Bee Removals

Our love for Bees brings our apiary to life, where we raise honey bees, teach about honey bees, assist Cape Coral & Punta Gorda homeowners and businesses with humane honey bee removal and swarm relocation

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Bee Pollination

Pollination services for small, organic farms and large, market scale gardeners in Florida

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Who We Are

GreenView Aquaponics Family Farm & Apiary was founded in May of 2013 and we been building and growing ever since. Our love for aquaponics has taken us from what was supposed to be a small backyard system to a full-fledged farm allowing us to explore multiple facets of farming, including growing lots of veggies and fruit using aquaponics, beekeeping, composting with worms and black soldier flies, and our pastured egg-laying hens with more pastured livestock on the horizon. It's been a fantastic journey so far and we hope to be able to share some of these great things we have learned with the community - whether it be clean, local food or simply learning where food comes from and what it tastes like when it's farm fresh.  It's great fun to watch what you plant as a seed grow into something healthy and nutritious to eat. Yum!

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