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If you’re serious about selling, you can’t rely on online calculators to estimate your home’s value. We’ve seen them be off as much as $50,ooo to $89,ooo.. The online algorithms simply don't know where there is a bridge with a impassable weir versus one that is navigable, making their calculations on waterfront and even close by off-water off by thousands and thousands. 

Your home’s value is also directly influenced by most recent sales activity, the competition it will face in attracting buyers, the home’s condition, and the marketing strategy it will use to build up demand.

Without a real assessment, your home could sell well under it’s potential value…leaving you with less equity to save or invest. The only way to get an accurate assessment of your home’s value is to have a licensed professional

  • (1) evaluate the condition of your home
  • (2) analyze its potential against the competition
  • (3) create a custom marketing plan to attract buyers

To get an expert home analysis, all it takes is a no obligation 15-min in-home visit from our licensed professionals. Simply click the button to schedule today!

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Home Values: Use this form below to get an instant estimate of your homes value for your property sent to your eMail. This house value calculator is an estimate only using the internet to gather local real estate listings and sales in the area to give you a ballpark.

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