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Steps to Selling Your Home

Determining why you want to sell:

There are many factors in determining if you want to sell and if now is the right time to sell.

  • Is your family growing and you need more home?
  • Are you downsizing?
  • Are you relocating for a new job or to get closer to family?

Identifying WHY you are selling is important to the process, because it can influence you time frame and pricing strategy.

If you are moving locally, we will also gladly assist you with your purchase as well coordinate the closing and funding to make it a smooth a process as possible. Timing this process can sometime be overwhelming for homeowners, so we are here to guide along the whole way and make sure things move along without missing a step!

Meet with a Affinity Realty Group Agent

Once you know you want to sell, we then need to get together for a quick 15min visit. We need to look at the home, learn of any improvements that have been made and discuss your selling goals. 

When do you want it sold and how much money you are hoping to get are a few things that we need discuss. Ready? Schedule Today

Determine Selling Price and Pricing Strategy

The Affinity Realty Group of agents will work with you to build a complete selling plan. After our initial meeting, we head back to the computers, visit homes in your area and/or brokers opens to see how more specifically your house competes with the current homes on the market.

We will provide valuable information on the current market activity and listen to any specifics needs you may have.

Together, we will look at the market data we have collected and determine the right listing price as well as discuss what the expected selling price and selling time will be for your property. 

The goal is to get you Top Dollar and reach your timeframe goals.

Get Your Home Ready

Now that we have determined your price and have agreed to work together, it is time to get the home cleaned and work on removing any clutter that may have accumulated over time. As we live in our homes, we tend to overlook certain things that buyers and their agents and home inspectors will take notice of and may even try to renegotiate the price. I am more than happy and willing to pop by to help you determine where your should spend your energy to get the most showings and IF you should spend money on a repair or upgrade that makes financial sense at this point in the process. 

You will also need to pay attention to the curb appeal and see if there is anything you can do that will make it look better than it does today. Many buyers still do drive-bys in this virtual world we now live in. Curb appeal has a big influence on whether the buyers will want to see more or not. All the lovely upgrades and cleaning you do on the inside will not matter if we cannot get them through the front door with a showing to see it.

We have many vendor relationships if you need a handyman service or someone to help with a deep clean

Marketing Your Property

Time to show the home! As you may know, the majority of your showings will be virtual over the internet.

Your home will get its own unique website, YouTube video, listed on various social media outlets as well as hundreds of real estate portals that give us access to prospective buyers.

It is also important that you know what is going on throughout the process; therefore, we will communicate the entire way from listing to closing, especially with feedback after your showings.

Look at Offers and Negotiate

When an offer comes in, we will look at every detail, analyze the market once again and discuss the details. We will also provide estimated closing costs from the title company so you know exactly where you stand during the negotiations.

Of course, we started with a goal and we will do everything we can to negotiate a deal that works to your favor.

It is common for someone to make a fair offer in this market.

Assuming it is a good offer and they did not offer full price, we will look at what you want to accomplish, make a fair counter offer and hold as firm as you need until we get your price.

The Closing Process

As soon as we agree, in writing, with a buyer, we will begin the closing process.

Determining on the buyer and the specifics of the contract, we will coordinate the home inspection, financing, insurance, home warranty, and other service providers to make sure the closing moves forward to closing. You will have a live checklist to see exactly what we are doing behind the scenes on your behalf, so you always know where we are in the process

The closing process is typically an emotional time for the buyer, so we have to understand that there could be challenges that we have to work through. This is normal and we will navigate through this and get it closed.

Closing Day – Proud Seller of a Home in Southwest Florida

This is the fun part. You will sign the final documents with the title agent, turn over the keys, turn off your utilities and move on with your life plans!

Congratulations, you’re done!

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How’s the Market?

Is it a Good Time to Sell?

We keep a really close eye on the Southwest Florida market and from the data we can pull from that helps us forecast trends that help you with selling decisions as well as your negotiations.

Want to know what’s happening in the neighborhood you are interested in?  

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How's the Market?

SW Florida Home Value Calculator

What’s Your Home Really Worth?

Your home’s value is influenced by recent sales activity, the competition it will face in attracting buyers, the home’s condition, and the marketing strategy it will use to build up demand.

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